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Our Coaching Services Include

You will have access to a team who are passionate, enthusiastic and motivated to help you achieve your goals.  We are specialists in flexibility, mobility, injury prevention and recovery.


We run online classes for yoga, pilates, HIIT and we are also specialists in Sports Massage Therapy.


We have a philosophy at FLOW which underpins our coaching approach.  You are stronger than your excuses; and no matter your goal, always make yourself proud!    


Meaning, you are in good hands with FLOW Performance Coaching and we look forward to working with you.

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Coaching is at the very heart of what we do at FLOW Performance Coaching.  With over 20 years’ experience we have the skills to develop people in a supportive and caring way. 


Our style of coaching is to work with clients we can develop a rapport with.  Communication is super important!  The connection and relationship we build with our clients enables us to understand and to design and deliver training plans and coaching which is truly individual and tailored.  We value all the relationships we have with our clients!


We ask our clients to trust the process, believe in themselves, and be the best they can be by smashing the goals they set themselves.


We are all stronger than our excuses and the most important outcome for us is that each of our clients makes themselves proud of their achievements. 


Slots on our Programmes are restricted to small numbers to ensure that we can invest the time and effort into everyone we work with.  Everyone is an individual to us therefore the training and coaching we deliver must also reflect that hence why we strictly keep the number of clients small.

Body Transformation:

As specialists in Physical Fitness and Nutrition we offer clients the possibility of joining our Body Transformation Programme. This is a transformative process where we educate clients on how to live a healthy life and therefore the changes achieved by our clients can be truly life changing. Joining this programme requires clients to follow an activity and nutrition plan that we design for them. We do not offer diet plans and will never ask our clients to restrict food or to not eat certain things. Our programme helps clients to make changes which they can integrate into their lives in a sustainable long-term way so that the change they make is not temporary.

Athlete Development Programme:

With over 20 years of athletic self-development and racing to a high standard in all events from Marathon to Ironman we know what it takes to be the best you can be. We understand the sacrifices that are made to achieve your goals, the early morning starts, the runs in the rain, and the euphoria of crossing the finish line! We deliver all our plans through Training Peaks on a weekly basis and our focus is to train and prepare you for meeting your next objective or event. This allows us to be specific and targeted in our training to ensure you are ready to take on whatever your next challenge might be. As specialists in Triathlon, we have got you covered in all aspects of Swim, Bike, Run and also we take pride in our Personal Training experience and our plans always contain a strength and conditioning element. Therefore, we believe we can train any client in any sport and any distance! With extensive experience in flexibility and movement we incorporate elements of yoga, pilates, balance and mindfulness into our training. We offer daily classes which are varied and designed to improve joint and muscle range of movement and flexibility. We like to say we make being bendy trendy as it really is a passion for us!

Join Team Flow

Click the link below to get details of the prices and packages that we offer to clients.  

Book a discovery call 

If you would like to book a discovery call with us to discuss our services or to just see if we vibe then make an appointment today.

Doctor's Visit
Health & fitness assessment  

All new clients will be asked to undergo a detailed health and fitness assessment.  This is to ensure we understand the client’s previous history and to allow us to build a client profile and to understand future goals and objectives.  This is included for all new clients free of charge.


For clients interested to know how fit and healthy they are today we do offer a Health and Fitness Assessment as a stand-alone service.  This can also be booked through our website by clicking below.

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